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Cover of the 1946 Eye of Revelation
The 1946 Eye of Revelation
What are the Five Tibetan Rites of

Think simple range of motion exercises the
Tibetan monks thought of as rites. Simple
exercises that
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Rite 5, Five Tibetan Rites
Five Tibetan Rites Testimonials.

What people are saying about the Five Tibetan
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Painting of a mythical Tibetan monastery.
From Whence the Five Tibetan  

A mysterious Colonel Bradford located a hidden
monastery in the high Himalayas where he
learned "rites" that rejuvenate.  Then he told
Peter Kelder about these rites.  It was Kelder  
who wrote the
Eye of Revelation.  Read More
Vignette from the 1939 edition of the Eye of Revelation
Exploring Enigma & Mystery
in the High Himalayas

Shangri-La, Shambala, Mysterious Tibetan Monks,
Hidden Monasteries, James Hilton's
Lost Horizon
-- all these come to mind.
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Major-General Sir Wilfrid Malleson
Major-General Sir
Wilfrid Malleson
Who Was Colonel Bradford?

His real name was Major-General Sir Wilfrid
Malleson.  He was a spy master knighted three
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Rite One - An illustration from the Eye of Revelation
How to perform the Five Tibetan

Slowly, deliberately, meditatively, almost as if
you were performing a rite.  Honestly, they are
quite simple
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Vortex graphic.
How do the Five Tibetan Rites

You may as well ask why we yawn and stretch?  
Don't worry, all will become clear.  
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Jerry Watt at age 66.
My Story

In which I tell of my adventures (successes &
failures) with the Five Tibetan Rites of
Coming Soon.
Vortex graphic.
More Fascinating Articles the Five
Tibetan Rites

Where did the Rites come from?  Are they yoga?  
Was there really a hidden Himalayan monastery?  
What about regrowing hair?
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