. . . Tibetan Monks in the high Himalays developed simple range of motion
exercises they called "Rites."  
These Rites have remarkable powers of rejuvenation;
indeed, they have been called a "Fountain of Youth."   

A British Army officer,
after learning these Rites in a Tibetan monastery, brought
them back to the West.  He shared them with Peter Kelder who in 1939 and 1946
published a monograph entitled,
The Eye of Revelation.  

No book can be preserved for posterity unless it is continually and faithfully
republished.  While the Eye of Revelation has been continually republished, those
reprint editions offered  modified versions of the Rites.  As a result,
the authentic
instructions for the Rites were nearly lost

I'm an antiquarian bookseller.  I located and purchased a copy of the 1946 edition
and a few years later I was able to purchase a copy of the 1939 edition.  I am
probably the only person on the planet with both editions of the
Eye of
; and I feel a great responsibility to preserve these originals for future

The Five Rites are easy to practice and can be performed in 20 - 30 minutes.  Actual
reported benefits from the Five Rites are legion:

  • greater energy
  • increased sex drive
  • a more youthful appearance
  • hair regrowth
  • diminished grey hair
  • weight loss
  • improved eyesight
  • better memory
  • sense of well-being
  • longer life
  • etc.

Yeah, I know, this sounds like "snake oil," but I assure you it is not.  Those Tibetan
monks were on to something very real, very powerful and very effective.  (See our
article on how the Five Tibetan Rites may work.)