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I've been regularly practicing the 5 rites for one year.  Just today I've
undergone a check up scheduled by the firm I work for. The focus was on
eyesight, heartbeat and blood pressure. The doctor told me that the results
were compatible with a subject practicing sports regularly and, believe me, I
don't do that!!   
-Paolo, Italy
As someone who is generally skeptical about tall claims, I can attest that
these rites are pure magic. I haven't felt better in years and it's only been 2
months. The list of benefits are too numerous to mention, but namely
massive energy, a sense of spiritual purpose in life, and a feeling of peace
and gratitude.
-Rohan from Mumbai, India
Thanks, Jerry!  I think one of the biggest success stories I've personally seen
was showing my mother aged in her mid 50's the Rites . . . she had gone
through two full hip replacements and suffered from arthitis throughout her
body.  She could barely do any of the Five rites at first.  She worked her way
to 21 a day and has been doing them ever since.  She says 15 years later that
if she didn't do them daily she wouldnt have the strength and energy to get
through the day.  She is incredibly strong from doing them and over the years
she seems so aware of herself, grounded and centered.  She was so strong
from doing them over this 15 year period that when the arthritis and carpal
tunnerl she has became too bad in the last few years she did Rite 5 on her
knuckles!  She says it feels fine!  She has been such an encouragement for
me to continue my practice.  I first picked up an old copy of the book in an
antiquarian bookstore (one of those, I can't leave the store until I buy this
book experiences) while living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I could not believe the
tranformation of my body and mind and for that matter the feeling of
awareness and joy that comes from the practice.  I had a background in
energy work and meditation prior to starting the rites and teated each rite
and the entire practice the way I treated meditation, as a sacred and
powerful practice.  I feel personally the more you bring the sacred aspect into
the practice the more powerful they seem to transform Body, Mind and Spirit.

-E. P.
Health Lore from the
High Himalayas