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Cover of
The 10-Minute
Rejuvenation Plan by
Carolinda Witt
Carolinda Witt

I've personally found Carolinda's book very helpful.  When I began having severe neck
pain while doing Rite 2, I looked up possible solutions in
The 10-Minute Rejuvenation
.  She recommended supporting the head with a pillow, thus keeping the curve of
the spine more natural.  Worked like a charm.  A well written introduction to the Rites
which you will want to keep on hand as a reference book.

You can find Carolinda's
book at her website: http://www.t5t.com/

Carolinda also manages two Five Rites groups on FaceBook, both of which I help
moderate.  Three thousand people discuss the Five Rites on these two groups:

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

The Five Tibetans
Cover of Kilham's
Chris Kilham's
The Five Tibetan
Chris Kilham coined the phrase, "The Five Tibetans," now in wide use.  He wrote a
book of the same name which has now been reissued.  Kilham has also demonstrated
the Five Tibetans on the Dr. Oz television show.


Wikipedia  An informative article about Peter Kelder, Colonel Bradford, the Eye of
Revelation and the Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation.

Borderland Science's
Eye of Revelation
According to the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, they first republished the
Eye of Revelation in 1975.  However, I have a 1969 edition which I presume is the true
first edition.  To Borderland Sciences goes the credit for helping greatly to preserve this
wonderful book.

Dr. Oz
The Five Tibetan Rites demonstrated on the Dr. Oz Show.

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