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Dr. John Bergman - Fantastic Videos on All Aspects of Health

As many know, a good diet is part of the Five Tibetan Rites.  While Dr. John Bergan is in no way
associated with the Five Tibetan Rites (as far as I know), he advocates a natural, organic foods
diet along with alternative treatments for diseases.  Here are some of his videos: "Natural Health
Alternatives," "Blood Pressure & Cholesterol," "Great Sex At Any Age," "The Truth Behind the Zika
Virus," "Vaccine Damage and Autism Recovery," "Super Foods" and "The Cure for 97% of All
Disease."  He has uploaded more than a hundred vidoes and I have been blown away by his
natural approach to medicine.  This is something I have been searching for all my life.

Quit Smoking Community, American Cancer Society & Addiction Resource

For the health conscious among us, which pretty much describes those interested in the Five
Tibetan Rites, here are three organizations that may be of interest to you (courtesy of Alice in


American Cancer Society  

Addiction Resource
Cloud Atlas poster.
"Truth is singular.  Its 'versions' are mistruths."
                                                        -Sonmi~451, Cloud Atlas,
                                                         Warner Bros., 2012

Cloud Atlas is a movie classic, IMHO.  Six intertwined stories spanning centuries.  The flash backs
are hard to follow but worth the effort.  First watched it maybe a year ago and recently watched
it again (takes more than one viewing to grasp).  This time the above quote struck me.  I've
always believed that there is but one truth.  We may never learn it but learning it is the goal.  
Had no idea that this concept could be expressed so succinctly.
Dr. Andrea Szenes
Dr. Andrea Szenes
Renaissance Woman

"I want to make people’s lives
better ... I would like the
world to become a place
where everybody can be
different, but equal,
regardless of the color of
skin, religion, gender and
sexual preference."
Andrea Szenes - Five Rites Moderator

Andrea Szenes helps administer both the Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation and the Five
Tibetan Rites groups on FaceBook.  She has been practicing the Five Rites for eight years.  

Andrea is a psychotherapist, author, singer, songwriter, television talk show host and former
Vice President of Hungarian Television in charge of programing and international affairs.   Her
Yes!, was a popular self-help book on person centered, cross-cultural communication.  

She was the first woman talk show host in Hungary, and created the
Andrea Szenes Show and
Call Andrea!  Andrea interviewed among others Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks,Omar Sharif,
Amanda Lear, Jimmy Carter, Charles Aznavour, Aerosmith, La Bouche, LaToya Jackson, Barbara
Wussow, Peter Greeneway, Mike Powel, Rampal, Allen Ginsberg, Gina Lollobrigida, Jehudi
Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Derek Jacobi, Charlene Tilton, Chaim Topol, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Wilde, Sally
Fields, James Belushi, Pierce Brosnan and Robin Williams.

As a certified former psychologist trained especially in Carl Rogers’s person-centered approach,
she is a careful listener who opened up the most reserved personalities and handled the hottest
conflicts of the show. Her other famous program was ’Call Andrea!’. As a psychologist she wrote
a popular self-help book, named
YES!.  Between 1999 and 2003 she was the Vice President of
Hungarian Television. She was responsible for programming and international affairs.

Now she is writing a book about MTV, working on her Hannah Senesh foundation and definitely
into starting an extraordinary new talkshow.

For more information about Andrea, visit her
Carolinda Witt
Carolinda Witt
Five Tibetan Rites Expert
Carolinda Witt - Master Five Rites Instructor & Owner of Two Face Book
Groups About the Tibetan Rites

Carolinda Witt  is a long term Five Tibetan Rites Teacher, who has taught many thousands of
students all over the world, through her workshops, books, and DVDs, which are available on her
www.T5T.com or through Amazon. She has a system of learning the Rites that she calls
T5T, which makes the Rites very simple, safe and enjoyable to learn. Carolinda teaches the
original Peter Kelder method, but includes a step-by-step method to develop core stability to
protect the lower back and neck when doing the Rites.  She is the author of two books on the
Rites including T5T: The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites and The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan.

Carolinda has lived in Kenya, South Africa, the West Indies, England and, now, Australia.  
Growing up, she was a competitive swimmer and later became a licensed hot air balloon pilot.  In
1988 Carolinda flew Richard Branson's Virgin Jumbo Jet shaped balloon from Perth to Sydney in
the Australian Bicentenary Trans-Australia balloon race.  

Carolinda has held a lifelong interest in healing and teaching.  Carolinda has practiced and studied
yoga, meditation and breathing (Pranayama) since she was eighteen. In 2000 she was introduced
to The Five Tibetan Rites through a teacher of the Five Rites, and began teaching them in
workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  Carolinda has since taught the Five
Tibetan Rites to thousands of students all over the world through her workshops, books and
Comprehend and Copy Nature - Documentary
Viktor Schauberger: Comprehend and Copy Nature

Discusses, among other things, the role of vortexes in nature.  Of interest to Five Rites

Not mentioned in this video is how Schauberger helped develop a prototype flying disk for the
Nazis in WWII.  Using "a rotating water system called liquid vortex propulsion," it was noiseless
and had no exhaust.  See: Jim Marrs'
Alien Agenda.

Sign - Great School of Natural Science
"Fools deride, Philosophers investigate."  -J. E. Richardson, The Great Work,

John E. Richardson founded the Great School of Natural Science in 1897.

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