Who Wants to Live . . . Forever?
Jerry Watt

Few want to outlive all of their family and friends.  Few want to live so long
that their old neighborhoods and cities (and the world) become
unrecognizable.  Even as we struggle for life, we recognize that death is part
of that life.  It is doubtful that many will truly want to live hundreds of years,
not deep down in the core of their being they won't.  None of us wants to be
immortal, at least not on this physical plane.  

It has not been proven that the Five Rites will empower people to live
hundreds of years: but, if it is possible, who would actually want to live that
long?  Perhaps the only way, psychologically, a hundreds year-old life span
can be realized through the Five Rites is in the insular environment of a hidden
retreat where companions and surroundings seldom change, such as the "Five
Rites Monastery" in the Himalayas.

Virtually everyone who practices the Five Rites will happily settle for better
health and a more active, youthful lifestyle rather than outliving all that they
have come to know and love.  And this is the benefit the Five Rites offer most
of us: renewed strength, health and sexuality.
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