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The Eye of Revelation
1946 Reprint Edition
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The Eye of Revelation
1946 Reprint Edition
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As someone who is generally
skeptical about tall claims, I can
attest that these rites are pure
magic. I haven't felt better in
years and it's only been 2 months.
The list of benefits are too
numerous to mention, but namely
massive energy, a sense of
spiritual purpose in life, and a
feeling of peace and gratitude
. -
Rohan from Mumbai, India

"I am more than happy to have
found your site !!  "I have been
into getting all the info I could find
on the 5 Tibs (as I call them). I
am also excited to find all the trail-
hounding you've been up to,
getting a history on this story. I'm
especially grateful to have been
able to find out about the Kelder
(Hilton?) books, and get the Real
and True rites, freed from all the
alterations (and the new age bs).
Also I had been getting false info
which your site, along with the
1939 transcript, has dispelled.
Now I'm wanting to rave about
your effort to preserve this
wonderful treasure, a truly
especial inheritance. But now I'm
straining at the bit to know how I
can find out when your
1939/1946 combo volume comes
out. I've determined that these 5
Tibs are one of the great treasures
of a lifetime, and want all the best
info there is to be fouund on it -
I'm confident your forth coming
volume is to be just that.

"Just wanted to let you know,
after a thorough study of your
new edition of The Eye of
Revelation, what an admirable,
well-researched, scholarly job
you've done in rescuing this
delightful work from the
machinations of conscienceless
entrepreneurs whose work has
masqueraded as the original
teaching for far too long.
" -Joseph,
Northfield, Ma, USA

I have been doing the Five Rites
for over 20 years and I look and
feel powerful, energized and
youthful. Along with sensible
eating habits, the Five rites can
ensure a high quality life
. -Rajendar
M., Mumbai, India

"At the beginning of this year . . .
I felt the beginnings of old-age
stiffness.  Even my friends
commented about it.  Then I
started doing the five rites and
behold, in two weeks the stiffness
was gone.  My well-being
increased and I have a lot of
energy.  I am now doing the rites
11 times a day and I am feeling in
better condition than ever.  It only
takes 5 to 10 minutes of exercise
per day to be energetic and supple
and to feel well for the rest of the
-Thor, Tokyo, Japan

"I started practicing [the Tibetan
Rites] about 4 months ago.  
Although I have been physically
active all my life (gymnastics,
yoga, tai-chi, body building), I
must say they are truly amazing.  
I find they really tone the body,
and increase vitality.  My mind has
become clearer, and I can really
feel the energy flow through the
--Jan, Belgium
I've been regularly practicing the
5 rites for one year.  Just today
I've undergone a check up
scheduled by the firm I work for.
The focus was on eyesight,
heartbeat and blood pressure.
The doctor told me that the
results were compatible with a
subject practicing sports
regularly and, believe me, I don't
do that!! -
Paolo, Italy

"I've purchased your ebook
version of the Eye of Revelation,
and wanted to thank you for
making this work available.
Before your book became
available, and after comparing
the then available reprints, I
distrusted them and was working
with a scanned copy of the first
edition. I was missing some new
stuff that you made available . . .
Thanks a lot and best regards
from a very satisfied customer."
Andre, Brazil

"Hi Jerry -- I wound up reading
the whole thing  from front to
back, sitting in my car outside
the bookstore. Thank you for
doing all this good work."
- Ed,
The Catskills, USA

"I am 41, was already in good
physical shape when I started
doing the rites from running 5
miles on the treadmill three to
four times a week for the last 4
years.  However, this winter after
doing the rites for a while I
started getting the 5 miles done
in record time for me."
--D. S.,
Rapid City, South Dakota

Have been at it on and off for a
couple of years until I had bad
backaches and then decided to
go all the way until the max of 21
repetitions and now I do them
everyday without fail as my
backaches disappeared like magic
once I did the 21 repetitions for
a couple of days.
Taiping, Malaysia

Thank you for The Eye of
Revelation. Changing the 3rd rite
has made a difference in my
knees which were very weak. I
am so grateful. And I was happy
to learn that my hand positions
for the 2nd and 4th rites were
correct even though they
dievated from the source I had
been using. Thank you so much.  
Karuna, USA

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