A Change to My Practice

For some time I had been experiencing intermittent sharp pain in my upper back when doing
Rite 2.  Often it was so severe that I ended the day's practice right then and there.  I wasn't
feeling the pain every time I did Rite 2 but the frequency was increasing.  Finally I realized I had
to do something about it.

On my bookshelf, I have Carolinda Witt's book,
The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan.  Carolinda is
probably the most experienced teacher of the Rites on the planet and she has helped many
people over physical hurdles such as I was having.  I scanned through her book and quickly
located something I thought might help: a pillow under the head when practicing Rite 2.  I tried
it and now use a pillow for Rite 2 all the time.  The pain has not returned, not even once.

If you are having any difficulties with the Five Rites, you might want to check out Carolinda's
books.  She has many suggestions for improving core stability, a problem the Tibetan monks
probably didn't even think about since they led much more physical lives than we do today.