Hair Regrowth

Liam from the UK wrote to ask about the Rites and hair regrowth:

Hi Jerry,

Do the Five Rites of Rejuvenation really regrow hair?

I have been doing the Five Rites for 3.5 months now. I have lost 1 Stone weight, dropped
from waist 34 to 32. Also, I am beginning to tone up in the body. I am trying the Hair
Regrowth method this week!  Will it really work, though, from your experience?


And here is my response:

Hi, Liam

Thank you for your interest in the Five Rites.  I am pleased (but not
surprised) that you are achieving such good results.

Do the Rites regrow hair?  Yes, they do.  I stand by what I wrote in Appendix C of my reprint
edition.  Faith is not involved.  I truly did not believe that the Rites would regrow my own hair
when I first tried the butter massage.  In fact, I was just trying out the procedure to
demonstrate that it couldn't work.  I was greatly surprised to discover my own regrowth.  Had I
been more consistent in my practice of the Rites, I am sure I would not be thin on top as I now
am.  But I am using the butter massage once again and hope to be able to report positive

One small matter that may be a sign the butter massage is working is small pimples in your
scalp.  Several times now I have started and stopped the butter massage as I have started and
stopped my practice of the Rites.  Every time I restart with the butter massage, I get very small
pimples in my scalp.  This is probably due to hair follicles growing and trying to break though
the surface of the skin.  If you get those pimples, that may be an early sign the massage is

Good luck, Liam.  Keep us posted on your progress.