My Practice of the Five Rites
Confessions of a "slacker"

I've never considered myself a very good practitioner of the Five Rites.  I've been diligent at
times and a real slacker at other times.  My practice has been an off and on affair.

I delayed publication of my reprint edition of the
Eye of Revelation because I felt guilty about
recommending something that I had trouble staying with.  There are so many touts out there
with so little to tout about.  I didn't want to be one of them.

Actually, the Five Rites are no different from any other exercise program or diet regimen.  You
know that the exercise is good for you and that the diet is helping you lose weight, but very
few stick with them.  The same is true for the Rites.

Still, as a recent correspondent wrote, the Rites are a "treasure."  Indeed they are.  So I
published my book in spite of my own "failings."

Last October I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and was hospitalized for about
four days.  It was very traumatic.  I honestly thought the doctors would give me a pill, slap me
on the back and tell me to "man up" as they pushed me out the door.  Instead they put me on
a gurney and sent me to the ICU.

Then in February I had a mild heart attack.  I was treated at John Hopkins where they decided
not to do a triple bypass but see if I would respond to diet and exercise.  Since then I have
been pretty regular in my practice of the Rites.  And I've also lost 32 pounds.  There is no wake
up call quite as effective as a heart attack.

My photo above does not look like the photo of a 66 year-old gentleman recovering from a
heart attack.  I've seen people in their late 40's who look older (and sicker).  And bear in mind
that the photo is absolutely unretouched, except for 50% sharpening in PhotoShop, a process
which brings out the flaws in a person's skin rather than concealing them.

When I sent the photo to a good friend who has not seen me for 11 years, she remarked that I
look younger now than when she last saw me.  And just last week, a neighbor said I looked ten
years younger in just the past year (he attributed the change to my weight loss but I believe
that Rites play the greater role).

I find myself in the unexpected position of being an exemplar of the Five Rites.  They really do
work, folks.