Preserving History

My principle purpose in republishing the 1946 edition of the Eye of Revelation was to preserve it
for history.  That goal, if not achieved, has at least been greatly advanced:

  • After two years, sales of my reprint edition, while not spectacular, remain steady.  It was
    briefly a top ten best seller of Booklocker.com's ebooks.
  • Sales of the scans of the 1939 and 1946 editions, while less than spectacular, remain
    steady, also.

So, it is likely that both the 1939 and the 1946 editions will not be lost in the next 20 years or
so.  More, however, remains to be done.

No one is more surprised than I that research into the "back story" of the Five Rites has proved
so fruitful.  And there is promise that more "fruit" will fall from the tree.  Just knowing the
history of the Five Rites will help preserve them.  It will make folks want to preserve them.  
Ultimately, my hope is that the medical profession will research the Rites and document just
how effective they are.