The Back Story
Helping to prove the reality of the Five Rites

One reason I'm interested in the Five Rites "back story" is because I love a good mystery.  The
greater reason for pursuing the history of the Rites, however, is to help demonstrate their

On one hand, the Five Rites need no defense.  Those who practice them know they work.  
None of us knows exactly how or why, but we know they work. "Effectiveness is the measure
of truth."*

Nevertheless, the Five Rites look and sound like "snake oil."  They literally appear to be too
good to be true.  And to add rain to muddied waters, there is a lot of "New Age" BS with
which the Rites must compete for recognition.  One way to help the Five Rites stand out is to
demonstrate that the story behind the publication of the
Eye of Revelation is real, that there
really was a Colonel Bradford (Malleson) and he really did travel to a Tibetan monastery where
he learned a valid system of exercise which really does rejuvenate.

The back story adds credentials, in addition to being fascinating.

* See Dr. Serge Kahili King's Urban Shaman.