Second Edition
Will there be a second edition of the
Eye of Revelation: The Ancient Tibetan Rites of
 A foreign language edition?

Yes, I'm already making plans for a second edition of the Eye of Revelation (EoR), and I would
like to have a Russian language edition available as soon as practical.  There is a lot of new
information which really must be put into print, lest it be lost, and there is a great interest
about the Five Rites in Russian speaking countries.

The second edition will contain both the 1939 and 1946 editions in a document comparison
format.  Differences between the texts will be highlighted or set off in some fashion, making a
direct comparison of the two texts a snap.  And, of course, there will be a greatly expanded
section(s) on the back story.

Please bear in mind that most of my time is now being spent in running my small, online
bookstore and in researching the "back story" of the EoR.  After I nail down my information on
the Himis monastery area I plan to turn my attention to the second edition.  Russian and
other foreign language editions will follow if at all possible (must cover expenses, at least).