Blog Meets Approval
A reader tells of how the Five Rites have worked for him.

There was no way I could know whether this blog would be accepted.  So far, however, so good.

Yaja writes:

    Jerry, I really appreciate your research and articles about the 5 rites.  The rites have
    contributed a lot to my health and I wrote about my empiric results in the Yahoo group
    and the Facebook groups.  I do the Rites everyday and I appreciate the results. I am
    preaching it to my friends and help them to "join the club" ...

    I am very interested to learn about the origin of the Rites and following your blog, I have
    received yesterday James Hilton's book Lost Horizon. Your theories are fascinating! I
    wonder when I'll be able to go there and explore it too.  After my expedition in Nepal, I
    promised myself to go back there.

    Thank you for your research and the knowledge that you publish on the Rites !

Thank you, Yaja, more than you know!