Himis: A Likely Candidate for the Five Rites Monastery
Lost Horizon provides an clue.

As time permits, I am working on a piece about the Himis Monastery in Kashmir.  This is the
famous Tibetan monastery which has records of Jesus having lived and taught there.  Almost
as soon as I made the connection between the Five Rites and James Hilton,
Lost Horizon
offered a great clue (several clues, actually) which directed me straight towards Kashmir.  I
had already been interested in Kashmir because Maleson had traveled through Kashmir as an
intelligence officer, which would explain how he learned of the monastery in the first place.  

NOT going to argue that the Himis monastery IS the Five Rites Monastery, but I will make
the point that either it or a nearby monastery is a very
LIKELY candidate for it.  Truly, the
evidence (while it does not rise to the level of proof) is compelling.